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04/07/13 08:12 PM #1    


John Adams

Welcome to the Tascosa High School Class Of 1983 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/11/13 09:13 PM #2    


Danny Benites

I'll get this party started!  How is everybody????

04/11/13 09:40 PM #3    


John Adams

I think the jacket in my senior photo was much more classy than your's Danny.  Although, I think we have the same shirt and tie.

04/12/13 09:21 AM #4    


Danny Benites

I actually owned a much classier jacket.  I wore that one because of how perfectly it matched my hair helmet.

04/12/13 09:56 PM #5    

Jeffrey Humphrey

Good job on the website guys!

04/16/13 11:40 AM #6    


Gwen Dodson (Smith)

WoW !!! 30 years how time flies when your having fun... I can't wait to see everyone. Looks like things are going good for the reunion planning. Let me know if I can help from Lubbock.

05/09/13 08:46 PM #7    


Barbara Slater (Shirley)

I agree!  The website and organization is excellent.  I cannot decide whose jacket I like better though....

06/03/13 02:45 PM #8    


Margaret Evans (Buchanan)

I agree with Jeff. Great job on the website! The time really has flown. It is hard to believe that 30 years have already passed.

06/11/13 12:52 PM #9    

Baker Bryant

Is there a particular hotel that we should contact for our stay?  I haven't been back in Amarillo for nearly 20 years.

06/12/13 08:35 AM #10    


John Adams

I believe the Marriott Courtyard Downtown Amarillo has a block of rooms set aside for us.  I'll check with Danny and see if he can post more details here on the website.  Here's a link for the hotel:

Here's their address and phone number:

724 South Polk Street · Amarillo, Texas 79101


The Courtyard is, by far, the closest hotel to both evening events and there are several restaurants and bars within walking distance (most, right across the street).  Actually, both events at the Civic Center and at the Amarillo Club are within walking distance.  The Courtyard is located at 8th and Polk and is less than 5 years old.  It's very nice and a great place to stay.  I'd highly recommend it.

08/08/13 09:58 AM #11    


Maria Shelton (Dameron)

Thanks so much for the password help John. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks to all of you who are working so hard to make this a great weekend.

08/26/13 10:22 PM #12    


Toni Talbot

Possible change of plans! I wanna party with the mighty Rebs! Are there plenty of tickets left for both nights?

08/31/13 05:06 PM #13    


Toni Talbot

Countdown to the best nights ever! I was reading the 80's fashions~WOW! And....for my fellow classmates planning these nights-Outstanding, Bravo, Awesome! I am totally excited to see everybody. I hope there will be a moment of silence for our fellow classmates that are not with us anymore! Thirty years and the Mighty Rebs still Rock!

09/02/13 09:53 PM #14    


Christopher Smith

Looking forward to a great weekend !! 

Many thanks to those responsible for the website and external communications.  I know this was a tremendous amount of work.



09/08/13 12:32 PM #15    


Toni Talbot

WOW that was one heck of two days of fun! Party friday night-Spazmatics were so totally awesome, picnic and tour of Tascosa, and to top it off dinner and dance top floor of Chase building-breathtaking! I applaude the planning committee. BRAVO!!!! Best part was seeing fellow classmates.

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